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What our clients say

Perhaps the best way we can illustrate how we work with clients is to set out how they view our involvement and contribution. We hope the following comments provide a helpful flavour of our approach, work ethic and service delivery.

Legal services

"Clive, can I just put on record my gratitude for your unstinting efforts on our behalf in relation to the survey. I think it is a really super product and we have had excellent feedback so far. It is very easy to take for granted the time and trouble which goes into accumulating the information and presenting it in a cogent and compelling way and I really take my hat off to you for the way that you did that and at the same time kept us all to the timetable. Thank you for a job really well done."

Alex Tamlyn


“We have always found Clive to offer sound, considered advice, based on his depth of experience. He has been meticulous in his planning, and has consistently produced insightful, actionable research findings for us.”  

Jane Guaschi
Insight and Development Leader
Brit Insurance

Actuarial consultancy

"Clive has a very thoughtful and pragmatic approach to the design and delivery of research programmes and, from feedback I have received, it is clear that he builds a positive rapport with the contacts he interviews. I have worked with him for over 7 years and see him as a trusted advisor, as well as a safe pair of hands."  

Mary McGrath
Head of Business Development & Marketing
Punter Southall  

Credit risk management

“Clive is very easy to work with. He delivers what we need quickly and efficiently, and keeps us up to speed with the progress of the project. Research findings are pulled together in a coherent and compelling manner and he is always happy to give his view as to what the research feedback actually means for us. In so doing, he ensures that we receive a set of insights that are genuinely actionable."  

Trevor Byrne
Marketing Manager
COFACE – UK & Ireland