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How we can help

We offer a complete research design and project management resource, and are happy to tailor our involvement in projects in line with a client’s specific needs and requirements.

Questionnaire design more

As well as offering proven expertise in developing qualitative discussion guides and quantitative research questionnaires, we have also conducted background searches on specific topics in order to evaluate the feasibility for, and potential content of, a wide range of research-based initiatives.

Interviewing more

We have proven expertise in interviewing ‘high level’ audiences such as CFOs, other company directors and heads of department (including human resources, pensions, risk management, corporate development and marketing), as well as insurance brokers, financial advisors, journalists and high net worth individuals.

Data Processing more

For clients conducting their own postal surveys, we have collated the returned questionnaires and managed all the entry, processing and analysis of the survey data and supporting information.

Analysis and reporting more

We offer a thoughtful, thorough and creative approach to the analysis and reporting of qualitative information, respondent comment and research data. In addition, for those clients hosting their own web-based surveys, we have analysed the resulting data and respondent comment and produced clear, accurate chart decks, reports and presentation materials.

Copywriting more

Project management / interim management more

On a number of occasions, we have provided an ‘overflow’ resource (either project management support and/or research analysis) where internal resources at the client organisation or agency have been constrained.

Consultancy more

We have worked with a number of clients in areas that are outside of the ‘traditional’ role played by a research agency, including:

  • Workshops to cascade the knowledge gained from specific research programmes to a broader level within an organisation or to external audiences.
  • Facilitating the process of developing action plans to take forward the key learning points derived from research programmes.
  • Developing marketing/communication plans to build on the research work conducted.

If it is helpful to do so, we will supplement our own skills with those of specialist research partners in order to deliver a high quality, timely and effective service.

Our service covers

Telephone interviewing Web-based surveys
Face to face interviewing Postal surveys
Workshops and group discussions Desk research